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Cornerstone Transitional Home Ministry

Providing a Firm Foundation and Better Tomorrow for our Neighbors in Need

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  • Nehemiah House - we have owned for 11 years and currently houses a single mother and her 3 children
  • Ruth House - we have owned for 10 years and houses up to 4 women coming from the Morgan County Jail as they transition back into the community through this program
  • Timothy House - we have owned for 8 ½ years and houses individuals who are in a transitional phase of their life or women who have graduated from the Transitional Home but need to stay in the program
After acquiring each house, we did the work that needed to be done to make these houses a home for many residents. We have not done any major renovation or additions since the initial investment. So we are taking this opportunity raise money to spruce up and improve these homes and NCC office building.