To continue our mission of serving the community through ministry image

To continue our mission of serving the community through ministry

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The Neighborhood Christian Center helps many people, some who need a little help with food for the month but others who have lost all hope and trying to find a reason to live. This year, we met a girl named “Sarah” who wrote a beautiful lament to the Lord and wanted to share some of it with you:

“I know I have sinned against you Lord, I have turned my back on you. I used my hurt as an excuse to give in to the flesh and seek worldly ways and fleshly desires. Worst of all Lord, I knew better. I knew your commandments yet I pursued lusts and temptations and sinned against you. Yet, Lord, time and time again, you showed your faithfulness to me through deliverance from hard times and even death. You provided more than I could ever need, yet I ignored those blessings and continued to forsake you and walk after the flesh. Then Lord, after my continued disobedience, you chose to punish my sins in the most drastic way Lord, through incarceration and bondage…You told me through your Word, Lord God, that you chastised me because you loved me. You longed for a relationship with me and knew that through this trial, I would come back to you and become a vessel for your love, your promises, your deliverance, and your faithfulness, I’ve began to seek you Lord in my faith and hope, I may be whole again.”

Wow! Seeing Sarah’s journey transform from anguish and desperation to hope and thankfulness has been amazing. You can see God’s hand in every step of the way.

This is just one of MANY stories of God's amazing love and grace. Join us in our mission to serve our neighbors in need with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and provide hope and healing through education and discipleship by donating today!